NBA 2K21 Wheel of Whiners

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Creating a team out of the biggest basketball cry babies & complainers by spinning the NBA2K21 Wheel of Whiners.
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Ethan Duevel
Ethan Duevel יום לפני
Just put LeBron at 1
rayman 4 ימים לפני
Troydans videos can be educating
Fyfeify 9 ימים לפני
The “media” should be on here.. poor Kyrie
Panda Beats
Panda Beats 9 ימים לפני
Why did you say javale is a champion now? He won a ring with the warriors
Emani Gonzales
Emani Gonzales 10 ימים לפני
curry a whiner??
Simon Abreu
Simon Abreu 14 ימים לפני
I went back to check this gem of a vid, and I realized... Where's Joel?
YouTube Jacky
YouTube Jacky 15 ימים לפני
Troydan got that smooth skin tho
HatSauce 16 ימים לפני
Michael Jordan should have been on the list lol
Jon Bruce
Jon Bruce 17 ימים לפני
Rex Holland
Rex Holland 17 ימים לפני
LOL all you kids don't realize that Magic Johnson is probably the whiniest player to ever dribble a basketball...smh
callum innes
callum innes 18 ימים לפני
Troy should do a wheel of countries
Sara Tarter
Sara Tarter 18 ימים לפני
I like the fact that mostly kids watch troydan and he has a skin care sponsor
Fierce 2k
Fierce 2k 21 יום לפני
Lol 😂
free headd
free headd 25 ימים לפני
Jesus loves you
Tim Hary
Tim Hary 26 ימים לפני
where i can find this wheel ?
Pen Pen
Pen Pen 28 ימים לפני
Troy try to play roblox again but play the game hoops demo its a lit game smth like 2k
Trustin and Angelo
Trustin and Angelo חודש לפני
Nostalgia for the intro almost got me in tears
lxcien חודש לפני
Why does Troy give off the same energy as Michael Scott from the office
We Eat States
We Eat States חודש לפני
Soulcrusher 7277
Soulcrusher 7277 חודש לפני
16:03 POG FACE
Owa Owa
Owa Owa חודש לפני
Hold on where is joel embiid
Kyle Paciulli
Kyle Paciulli חודש לפני
I thought it said winners
LongIsLand חודש לפני
Kobe wasn’t a crybaby so not all the best players cry
Cuatro Sëniør
Cuatro Sëniør חודש לפני
Do a wheel of every player in 2k 😭
Chad Zagone
Chad Zagone חודש לפני
James hasn't changed a bit
Kye McMillan-Dutton
Kye McMillan-Dutton חודש לפני
no one is going to acknowledge that he got a snatch block
Loud-and-Annoying _
Loud-and-Annoying _ חודש לפני
U need to make more
SAGiTTARiUS o4 חודש לפני
Luka Donichik out here today..
Random Shenanigans
Random Shenanigans חודש לפני
"You're DeAndre Jordan, you have the ball handling of a tit" -Troydan 2021
Kaiden Phillips
Kaiden Phillips חודש לפני
Just kidding!!!!!😄😊😁😁😁
Kaiden Phillips
Kaiden Phillips חודש לפני
Sometimes I am a whiner
Jay Cara
Jay Cara חודש לפני
DorkiaGaming חודש לפני
Wheel suggestion: wheel of clowns🤡🤡
Okay Nitro
Okay Nitro חודש לפני
Troy more of these please man 🖤
poop shit cum
poop shit cum 2 חודשים לפני
The way there both letting the ai guard them..
Dazy Legend
Dazy Legend 2 חודשים לפני
Bron should’ve got about 500 more calls in this soft a league
Jonah Whitaker
Jonah Whitaker 2 חודשים לפני
I feel like Troy could be a businessman because of the way he talks whenever he talks about the sponsor
Tay E
Tay E 2 חודשים לפני
Steph Curry a whiner?? Never seen that
Da._.boy_ King
Da._.boy_ King 2 חודשים לפני
Lebron is one of them for sure
blake robinette
blake robinette 2 חודשים לפני
24th 25th 26th biggest crybabies in a row
Hi Daddy
Hi Daddy 2 חודשים לפני
blckcat S6
blckcat S6 2 חודשים לפני
Bron still complains so much
First Wave
First Wave 2 חודשים לפני
Just realized the entire warriors starting lineup in 2019 is on this list(excluding klay)
Sand 2 חודשים לפני
Demarcus cousin is an emotional lesbian
Smoking gorrila
Smoking gorrila 2 חודשים לפני
Go back to 2k20
You3n 2 חודשים לפני
Blakes hands when he is whining it looks like hes doing double springkler dance
SpaghettiSauce445 2 חודשים לפני
whats the background music
I know it fake
I know it fake 2 חודשים לפני
I just did A air jordan and how hard to do that?
Ash Prods.
Ash Prods. 2 חודשים לפני
Better title is: Wheel of NBA Karens
W1NGZ 2 חודשים לפני
This wheel could've just been the nba
Jayygocrazy Coach
Jayygocrazy Coach 2 חודשים לפני
Where d rose
Shannon Mcferran
Shannon Mcferran 2 חודשים לפני
Best Roy is 20192018
Mikey 2 חודשים לפני
Troydan with trash lineup vs a demisquad: EZY DUB Troydan with a godsquad vs a trash lineup: Ummm I lagged out.
Martin 300
Martin 300 2 חודשים לפני
Wheel of jersey numbers!!
kiki nfl star
kiki nfl star 2 חודשים לפני
Who here after Drayton Green got ejected and troydan said he muchered🤣🤣🤣 lol
JRplays GD
JRplays GD 2 חודשים לפני
Everyone who disliked this vid are the players in this vid 100%
I love God
I love God 2 חודשים לפני
Thou shalt not judge
AEW Pyro Fan
AEW Pyro Fan 2 חודשים לפני
Who’s number one on the all time NBA cry babies list?
William Ho
William Ho 2 חודשים לפני
The sloppy backbone electrophysiologically approve because month summarily look lest a rhetorical grandson. glossy, rigid card
Kyle’s Reviews
Kyle’s Reviews 2 חודשים לפני
My respect for joakim Noah: 📈📈📈📈📈
Candyce Rynee
Candyce Rynee 2 חודשים לפני
Is it Daniel or Bryan Warren Barrister or Warren-Biers What is Troydan's actual name?
Electrifying Destroyer
Electrifying Destroyer 2 חודשים לפני
A lot of people on here aren’t whiners 😂...Draymond isn’t a whiner he just talks a lot..And when he actual does commit a foul he’s quiet about it
Electrifying Destroyer
Electrifying Destroyer 2 חודשים לפני
Damn...I ain’t been here in a bit views gone down
Omiedahomie 2 חודשים לפני
What’s the song in the background at 14:20?
Rainn Gaming
Rainn Gaming 2 חודשים לפני
I read "wheel of winners"
Notaidan 380
Notaidan 380 2 חודשים לפני
Why the fuck is Russell Westbrook on the wheel
flight reacts
flight reacts 2 חודשים לפני
3:07 thank you
Rodney Zoez
Rodney Zoez 2 חודשים לפני
Great content 🤣🤣
bonibones TV
bonibones TV 2 חודשים לפני
Michael Jordan complained a lot too
Aaron Tsibu
Aaron Tsibu 2 חודשים לפני
Karen in the chat
Jayzzz Harperzzz
Jayzzz Harperzzz 2 חודשים לפני
Bro y did ILfor have to ruin Troy's enthusiasm. His videos were so much better when he swore smh
Ian Cash YT
Ian Cash YT 2 חודשים לפני
do a wheel of flopers
Eaglesfan1933 Live in liberty
Eaglesfan1933 Live in liberty 2 חודשים לפני
Do more 2k
wav 2 חודשים לפני
Okay but to be fair Javale was being made fun of every day by Shaq and Shaqs mom even got involved
Elijah 2 חודשים לפני
I miss 2k19 troydan :(
gabriel walters
gabriel walters 2 חודשים לפני
No kemba on the listtttt? Lol
Tyler Koshowski
Tyler Koshowski 2 חודשים לפני
Pretty sure glen is short for Glenjamin
Chester Walker
Chester Walker 2 חודשים לפני
why tf is there no trae young tho
CityBoi DJ
CityBoi DJ 2 חודשים לפני
Why is Luka in this?
Zander Rabon
Zander Rabon 2 חודשים לפני
Where the hell was Joel Embiid on the list
Rip Clan
Rip Clan 2 חודשים לפני
Shoulda been wheel of Karen's
Sav 2 חודשים לפני
Steph curry is not a winnr who ever pick that THATS messed up
Sav 2 חודשים לפני
Surf crew is not winnr how pick that that needed up
Bob Henson
Bob Henson 2 חודשים לפני
Troy going be 70 doing a throwback wheel 🤣
zombie 13
zombie 13 2 חודשים לפני
Also thanks for trading everyone except Kevin before you left... dick
Ro1373 2 חודשים לפני
lots of these guys aren't even whiners
OyieSang Samonte
OyieSang Samonte 2 חודשים לפני
selling mt for 11usd per 100k. ps4/ps5 only
24 Random
24 Random 2 חודשים לפני
Zavier Alfred
Zavier Alfred 2 חודשים לפני
Anyone else realize that Super Mario Galaxy background music tho
Kinghulk21 2 חודשים לפני
2k16 vibes
Jannes Burch
Jannes Burch 2 חודשים לפני
luka donachick
ngt8 2 חודשים לפני
Why is steph curry on this wheel LOL
Sunreet Dheer
Sunreet Dheer 2 חודשים לפני
Is it just me or does Troydan look like Blake Griffen
cortez channel
cortez channel 2 חודשים לפני
JuanBoppin- 2 חודשים לפני
Wow I’ve been watching Troy since 2017 that’s damn near 4 years lmao
Jimbo Fry
Jimbo Fry 2 חודשים לפני
Isn’t a team of complainers if you don’t got cousins
AceYea 2 חודשים לפני
Steph curry a whiner? really? The last time I checked he was getting beat up and pushed down whenever the opposing team has a chance to. I think his complaints are welcomed.
Ben Aube
Ben Aube 2 חודשים לפני
Wait where is Trae Young?
Weluv_jae 2 חודשים לפני
Wheel of trump supporters?
Ozzzy VI
Ozzzy VI 2 חודשים לפני
Made a grown man cry fr fr
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